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0Craig & Mei

Hotel du Vin

York – May 2013

An Online Plan

For a Sussex based wedding photographer this day was quite a challenge as the venue was too far away for me to visit before the ceremony. However, thanks to Google I was able to make a virtual visit to the inside of the Hotel du Vin York and the street outside.  The importance of the internet and its tools for today’s weddings can’t be overestimated.

I always make sure I keep an eye on the weather forecasts for the day, and check traffic reports before I travel. This wedding, however, gave me experience in using a wider variety of tools to work out the space, backgrounds and likely amounts of light I was going to get in different locations at different times.

So long before I got there I had a Plan A, Plan B and Plan C to get the images that the bride and groom wanted. Two weeks before the wedding day I knew that I was going to take this picture,

Bride and Groom, Hotel du Vin YorkBride and Groom, Hotel du Vin YorkCopyright David Ash Peake

And also that I was going to work around the main staircase to widen the scope of the wedding party compositions and on the rear patio to fit everyone in and also include some action,

On Her Way to the Ceremony, Hotel du Vin, YorkOn Her Way to the Ceremony, Hotel du Vin, York Thowing the BouquetThowing the

I knew that the soft light entering through some of the doors and windows would make for some atmospheric reportage,


Over the course of an eight hour day my assistant and I put together a wide and varied selection of images of the wedding, and Mei and Craig were very satisfied with the results.

Plans aren’t rigid and inflexible, I don’t believe that it’s my job to dictate the pace or content to the couple, but a good understanding of what they want and a solid outline of how I’ll go about capturing that certainly improves the photography and makes the day far more fun for everybody.

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