From the Archive - Andrew and Jennifer and a Varied Day

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0Andrew and Jennifer 

West London – September 2013


Andrew and Jennifer’s wedding was a long day, incorporating both Western and Chinese elements and split across several venues including hotels and a Chinese restaurant.

We began with the British ceremony – to make it all legal, and posed all the formal portraits of the couple while Jennifer was still in her white wedding dress.

Bride and Groom in Classic Black & WhiteBride and Groom in Classic Black &

Afterwards she changed into traditional red for the tea ceremonies.

We had discussed the tea ceremonies prior to the wedding day, and they featured in the schedule provided to me by the couple, but it was still a new experience for me.

Each ceremony ran the same way, with the bride and groom kneeling before a seated pair of relatives representing various branches of the family. Cups of tea were then given to the relatives before they reciprocated with red envelopes for the couple.

As we had already arranged for formal group portraits to be taken at both the hotel and the restaurant I took a reportage approach to the tea ceremonies to capture the intricacies, and the sense of intimate interactions occurring in a quiet corner surrounded by the hubbub of a wedding day.

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