My Greyhounds - Studies in Motion (and Staying Still)

May 19, 2014  •  1 Comment

How Photography Helps me Appreciate My Pets 

We’ve had rescue greyhounds now for over ten years. I was never what could be described as a dog person before, always preferred cats, but greyhound personalities seem to fit in nicely with our lifestyle and it’s fulfilling to know that we are giving a home to an animal that has spent the first few years of their life in kennels and needs a happy place to retire to.

Photographically I find greyhounds to be interesting too. Intriguing at times really. They have expressive faces. As they are short haired with long snouts it’s easy to read their moods. They just seem so communicative.  Sometimes stately and refined, at other times just plain daft.

Mab SurveysMab SurveysCopyright David Ash Peake Mab 2Mab

They are also fast. Incredibly fast. They love to run, and just blur into a whirl of motion as they do so. As an owner I love to be able to see just what they’re getting up to inside this whir, and this is what the camera lets me do. It’ll be the subject of another blog post sometime, but I do think of a camera as a perception altering time machine. Some things happen just to quickly for us human beings to make out, and photography lets us step inside of a moment and see what’s really going on.

In the Meadow 7In the Meadow

With their distinctive features greyhounds can also make interesting subjects for less 'everyday' pet portraits.

Tegwan in the DarkTegwan in the DarkCopyright David Ash Peake

Greyhounds are a big part of our lives and an ongoing project, so I'm sure my Greyhound Gallery will grow over time.


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They are such characters too.
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