All the Shots We Wanted also So Many We Didn’t Know We Wanted

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All the Shots We Wanted also So Many We Didn’t Know We Wanted

This happened a while ago but it remains probably my favourite pieces of feedback that I’ve received in my guestbook. As well as a nice vote of thanks and boost to the spirits I think it also gets to grist one of the important reasons for hiring a professional photographer for your day. It’s my job to really think about what’s going on, what opportunities for photographs there are and what I can produce that will help the day be remembered.

I also have fond memories of this wedding as it was the first time that I worked at the Brighton Pavilion. Jim and Raymond got in touch with me only a few days before their wedding as the photographer that they had booked was unable to attend. Luckily I was available on the date and so, with just a few days preparation, was able to photograph their wedding.

It is generally good practice for a photographer to visit the site of a wedding if they haven’t worked at the venue before. The Brighton Pavilion is the only place I’ve come across so far who actually insist on it! Which is all for the good as, although magnificent, the interior lighting of the Pavilion is carefully controlled so the photographer needs to have a plan and know what they are doing to get good pictures.

In the Music Room, Brighton Pavilion, SussexIn the Music Room, Brighton Pavilion, Groom and Groom in the Music Room, Brighton PavilionGroom and Groom in the Music Room, Brighton

Although we didn’t have the time to do a lot of planning before the wedding I did tell Jim and Raymond that I would be trying to give them something a little different – and that we would be trying to avoid too many lines of guests looking as though they were standing in a queue. Also, that my natural style was to include detailed reportage of objects and items to tell the full story.

Wedding Party, Brighton PavilionWedding Party, Brighton A Top MomentA Top

After everything was done and in I was pleased to get such a good response, and the photographs were want everyone wanted, even if some weren’t known about before.  

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What wonderful photo,s, A great way to remember the start of there new life together.
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