Saal Digital Printing - Review of Product Test

December 22, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

A good-sized proportion of my work is wedding photography, so I am always looking for ways to display my portfolio and for a range of different printing options to offer clients. When it comes to wedding albums requirements vary widely, and it is good to be able to source good quality photobooks that don’t cost the earth but avoid looking cheap.

I saw an offer for a trial photobook posted by Saal on Facebook and decided to give them a try. The whole setup process was fast and straightforward. It didn’t take long to download and install the Saal design software, and it proved to be intuitive to use. I like that the first choice to be made was to pick the end product from a range of visual options. Of course other printers also need to you to begin with size and type choices but with Saal the options were laid out so clearly it made the software seem very friendly right from the start.

I deliberately chose  a fairly basic quality/weight and size as I wanted to test out an ‘affordable’ product from them. There are a decent range of book cover and paper options though so plenty of flexibility.


Putting the book together was simple and far faster than I expected. I think it would be an easy interface to use even if you didn’t have any experience and this was the first photobook you had designed. To save time I tried out a selection of the built in layouts. They could be customised if needed but I mainly stuck to a range of layouts that suited my portfolio. The whole book came together pretty quickly and I can honestly say that it was fun to do.

Ordering my book flowed very naturally on from the editing process. My only issue was that the software wanted to display my address in a German format. I thought that I had corrected it but my package arrived with an address that would have seemed back to front to a UK postman. It did still make it though, and in very good time.










I was pleased with the results. Print quality was good and was a faithful reproduction of my images. Construction of the book was solid and good quality. So far everyone that I have shown it to has been impressed and think that the book is good value indeed. I’ve absolutely no hesitation in saying that I will be returning to Saal to print more of my promotional material, and will also be adding in Saal printed photobooks as part of my wedding album products.


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