Tips for the Happy Couple - Helping to Get the Best From Your Wedding Photography

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I’m not going to claim this as an exhaustive guide for couples, but based on my experiences here are a few tips to help you get the most from your wedding photography:

  1. Before choosing your photographer think about the image in your head of the two of you on your wedding day. How would you like to look? What is important to you? Bear that in mind when looking through portfolios and talking to your photographer.
  2. Be involved with planning your photography with your photographer – make sure that there is sufficient time in the day’s schedule to get everything you’d like done.
  3. Share the photography plan with others in the main wedding party, particularly if there are some ambitious shots in there. It will save time and avoid confusion on the day.
  4. Make sure that you will have assistance during the portrait section of the day to help with restyling hair, touching up make-up and keeping dresses out of any mud or water. Generally this falls to members of the wedding party, but it’s worth checking with them that they know not to wander off and that they have useful bits to hand, such as a hairbrush, some clips and make-up.
  5. Designate someone to help the photographer to organise family and friends for all the group images. This is normally one of the ushers, and again make sure they know what they need to do in advance.
  6. Try to keep phones, wallets, keys etc. out of suit pockets during the photos. Unsightly bulges aren’t memories that you’ll want to keep.
  7. Memories you will want to keep though include the bouquets and buttonholes that the main wedding party have, so ask them to keep them to hand until all the posed portraits are done.
  8. Bear in mind the areas in which you are likely to be standing and how you’ll get there – a temporary change of shoes can be useful if the ground is soft underfoot.
  9. Consider splitting your portrait time into two or more sessions during the day. Lighting will change as the sun moves through the sky, and evening and night time images can be very atmospheric. Doing this can also help you manage your time soon after the ceremony when all your guests will want to spend time with you.
  10. Finally – concentrate on your photographer and try to ignore what is going on behind them or to the side. It will mean that there are more good images to choose from.


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