Tips for Wedding Guests - How to Help the Couple Get the Wedding Photography They Want

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Having written out a list of tips for the wedding couple I thought a few for the wedding guests might be in order as well! These are mainly aimed at helping the couple in the long run, but hopefully they’ll also be useful to the guests:


  1. Why is a Photographer there? - Remember the photographer has been hired to be there for the couple getting married, to record the memories of their special day. The guests are part of those memories, so do expect us to want to get some shots of you. It’s not about trying to catch you out or make you look bad, it’s about telling all of the story.
  2. Stay Together - In most weddings there will be some large group photos taken, normally soon after the ceremony and before any wedding breakfast or reception. Please don’t wander away until they have been done. It’s important to the couple that everyone is included and in very large groups it’s almost impossible to check off who’s there. If you know there is someone missing then a decision needs to be made – leave them out or wait and delay all the proceedings.
  3. Concentrate - When there’s a large group in front of me I do always ask them to pretend that I am extremely interesting and that they mustn’t get distracted by anything happening behind me or to the side, no matter how spectacular! Although I take several shots of each group to pick the best one, if you’re looking to the side in all of them then you’ll be looking to the side in the final version.
  4. Styling – If it’s a bright sunny day you may well be wearing sunglasses. Do you want to be seen in them for the group photos? I always yell out a reminder to take them off, but other photographers might not.
  5. Relax – The couple may well want a lot of documentary style or reportage photography. That means the photographer is roaming, looking for natural poses and action to record. Don’t worry about it and just be yourselves. Of course I do end up with unposed images that are unflattering, but these are discarded. You won’t be caught out in a terrible looking photograph.
  6. Be yourselves – your personalities are part of the story of the day. If you want to strike a pose, play around or ask for a photo that is all completely fine.
  7. Chatting – yes, I’m ok with you starting a conversation about photography, and I’m happy to discuss cameras and other technical whatnot. But please pick a quiet time for a chat 😊

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