Pet Photography

Our pets are part of the family. If you’re anything like myself and my wife you’ll have literally thousands of snaps of your furry friends taken on phones and compact cameras, but how many of those are we really happy with as a portrait, an image that really reveals their character and ‘personality’? An image that we would happily print and put up on the wall?

To me animals are best captured in a natural environment, where they can be relaxed and themselves. I know that as a photographer I need to spend some time with your pets, and talk to you about them, so that I can understand them and make the most of the opportunity with them.

Whether photographing them at home, or at a different location, I work to put your pets in their setting behaving naturally. Working as much as possible with natural light and avoiding posing them in an unrealistic way. I look to get ahead of where they are going and then shoot them in motion and whenever they come to a halt.

For dog photography I am more than happy to accompany you on your walk (weather permitting)  and will work as unobtrusively as possible to capture your pet in action.

I am available for pet photography throughout Sussex. Please see my packages and prices, or contact me or 07800 543541.