About David Ash Peake.

I am an affordable Sussex Wedding Photographer based in Haywards Heath offering a range of digital packages to capture your special day. I also photograph events, people, pets and small commercial subjects. On this site you can also find galleries of my favourite subjects and projects and maybe see a print that you'd like to see on your wall.

I have been taking photographs since an early age, and slowly and surely photography has taken over my life to the extent that it's now my full-time profession. Over a decades long journey I have discovered so much about the taking and making of images, and about myself and the world around me.

For me photography is about the emotional connection with the subject, whether that be the dawn sun rising over a Scottish firth or a laughing bride on her wedding day. I feel that I'm not just stuck behind the camera. I'm looking down through the lens and into the scene beyond, feeling every moment. If I'm not in touch with what's happening around me then how could I make that evocative image.

As a wedding photographer I believe I go beyond the single emotions and consider myself to be a Wedding Storyteller, linking the images to tell the story of the day. I call this the Narrative Approach, incorporating documentary, creative portrait, still life & informal portraits styles. I have a gallery of images for you to browse. I have also recently published my first book of wedding images - focusing on my favourite detailed images at weddings. It's called Still Life at Weddings and you can buy it in print from Blurb .

I travel about and make images of the big scene in front of me, but I also believe that we ignore much of the detail beneath our feet. That's why I've been working on the Beachcomber series of prints and my wedding coverage features the reportage style. It's the little things that make up the bigger picture.

I'm fascinated by the potential of the lensbaby to isolate moments of clarity amongst all the hubbub. Again it's the little details.