Photography has been a big part of my life for so long now, I was seven when I took my first photograph that anyone paid attention to. I believe in trying to be the best, most rounded photographer I can be. That means making all sorts of different images for all sorts of different reasons. Here you can see some of my more personal work arranged into galleries and available to buy as fine art prints in a wide variety of formats, including canvas prints, acrylic prints and aluminium mounts.

Each gallery is different and reflects my life and experience, so one might appeal more to you than others. I think they all contain interesting and unusual wall art for the home or office, or as a unique gift.

Beachcomber 94Beachcomber 94[email protected]

The Beachcomber Gallery – comes from my interest in the details that almost slip by us. I am fascinated by the shapes and patterns that nature can draw, and walking along a beach seems like strolling through a gallery of designs made of seaweed, sand and pebbles. Nothing here is arranged, everything was drawn by the sea and picked out by my eye.

Tree 6Tree 6[email protected]

The Lensbaby Gallery – is named after the manufacturer of the lens used to capture all these images. It’s a selective focus lens that allows for creative distortion and also some interesting style miniaturisation effects. I like the way the images can draw the eye into one area and fire up the imagination as the picture seems to flow away from a point of clarity. I love making images with this lens as it is completely manual and I find it reinvigorating and takes me back to my early days of photography.

Play With MePlay With Me[email protected]

The Greyhound Gallery – well, it’s all about my hounds. Some of the images are portraits, capturing their personalities. Others are fast exposures of them in motion. This is something I love about photography – I get to bend time to see things that my naked eye can’t keep up with. It’s a joy trying to capture these dogs at full speed or jumping through the air.

Have a look through and see what appeals to you or captures your imagination. All of these images are available for purchase as prints in a range of sizes and formats.