Wedding and Event photography is all about telling the story and creating memories to keep. You can remember the day in a variety of formats: albums, prints, on screen or in keepsakes like keyrings. Sometimes people look at a single photograph, sometimes at a group of similar images or an overview like a short story. I’ve always enjoyed looking at blends of pictures or collages. I like letting my eyes wander through a small collection of photographs or pictures, particularly if they are blended together so that they flow from one into another.

I thought that creating digital collages of images would be a fun and interesting way to present some of your favourite photographs from weddings or special events. They can make a great present for anniversaries or birthdays, as a print and digital file or just as a digital image to be shared online and maybe printed in the future.

I can create the image either from photographs that I have taken, or from digital images supplied to me by you.

Each collage is put together by hand after I’ve made careful selection of the images to be used. I position them to get the best balance and then blend them together sympathetically to make a beautiful and captivating final picture.

For weddings I’ve split these into two broad types – Portraits and Moments.










Portraits focus on images of the couple together.




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Moments give an overview of the story of the wedding day.


Have a look at my Pricing Page for more info, or get in touch with me to discuss what you’d like done – [email protected] 07800 543541.