Not everyone's wedding photographs turn out as they might have hoped or expected. The couple may have relied on friends and family to take the pictures on their compact cameras and phones. Without experience of weddings and some photographic knowledge the results can be disappointing.

Even with a dedicated wedding photographer it's also certain that guests will give you the snaps that they took on the day, and maybe there are some really special images in among those but you feel that they don't stand up very well against any professionally shot images. There may almost be a little gem of a moment in there, but the photograph just doesn't portray that as well as you'd like.

Although it isn't possible to recreate a missed photo opportunity or save a completely fuzzy shot many digital images can be improved using editing software. This can be time consuming though and difficult to achieve good results if you don't have the experience, even if you do have the right tools.

I can take your underwhelming photos and improve them so that you'll be proud to show them off. I can crop to improve the composition, remove the dreaded "red-eye" effect, correct the colour, sharpen details, remove blemishes and unwanted bits & pieces and fix exposure problems. Defocussing effects and a vignette can be introduced to give the photograph a classic style. Images can also be sympathetically rendered into black and white for that vintage feel.

We can go from this:


to this


removing the unnecessary detail and defocussing the background gently to bring the subjects to the fore.

Other examples can be seen in the photo improvements gallery.

The amount of improvement possible depends on the original photograph. I will discuss with you what can be achieved with your pictures and give you a free, no obligation quote. Prices start from just £3 per photograph.